Hey, I'm Lindsay...

and this is seriously a photo I took of myself on my phone.

A) I had just gotten my new glasses (thanks, Warby Parker!).

B) My hair was making a rare appearance, as 97.3% of the time it's on top of my head in a bun.

C) I'm super proud of that shiplap that my hubby and I installed and I like the idea that the internet might think I can DIY if I post about it here in my bio section.

D) The alternative to this photo is sitting on my desktop, as a file labeled, "weirdbiopic.jpeg". I can't figure out which one I like better.

I travel between San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles, shooting portraits of families, brides and grooms, athletes, babies, couples. It gives me so much joy to commemorate the most precious times in their lives. I would love to meet you and capture your people, too. Thanks for stopping by!