Let's just say, if there had been a professional photographer snapping photographs of our first days as parents, they would have looked nothing like this. I still maintain that the phrase, "hot mess" was coined in my honor after someone saw me on my first trip to Vons, post-baby. I was wound so tightly, I can still hear it in my voice when we watch old home movies. All I wanted was to get everything just right. I mean, those were the days before drive-thru Starbucks was a thing. If I wanted to commiserate with a friend via text I would have had to hit about eleven keys on my phone, just to spell, "HELP!" Dark days, indeed.

My friends here, though... they just inspire me with the natural way they took to parenting. The ease and loveliness that filled their home on this day was real life magic. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to watching their sweet boy grow.