Recently, I wrote about how much fun I've been having meeting my clients in Santa Barbara for some beach sessions. Well, these friends decided not to meet me in the middle, but to come all the way to my neck of the woods in San Luis Obispo for their engagement session. Honestly, SLO is unspeakably gorgeous- just like Lexi & Sam, so it couldn't have been more perfect. As Lexi and I were trying to narrow down the location possibilities, she mentioned that she would love it if we could find some wildflowers. Thanks to the rain we got this winter, nature was kind of being a show off. We headed out to these gorgeous fields where the wildflowers were over our heads! I can't think of a more perfect setting for these two. Anyone who knows them will agree that they are two of the most kind-hearted, generous, and encouraging people you've ever met. I always joke that finding a partner who is handy is just as important as looks and personality. I think that gives you a clue as to how many things my kids break around the house. ;) In all seriousness, I really feel that finding a partner who makes you laugh is more important than all of those things. The first time I remember seeing my husband was when I told a joke and I turned around to see who was laughing at it. You really never know what life has in store. You'll definitely lose your keys or your purse. You'll forget to drop something off. You'll scrape the car. Some days, it all just feels like too much. The best thing ever is coming home to your favorite person in the world and finding a way to laugh about it all together... or at least laugh about it a few months down the road. When I look at these two, I can almost feel the joy that's ahead for them. I love to see how much they love each other and how happy they are. I wish you nothing but the best, Lexi & Sam. I'd wish that you'd never have bumps in your road, but I know that together you can face anything. Congrats you two!