First of all, how stunning is this family?!! Maria is one of my clients on a commercial project that I've had the privilege of working on and earlier this year I was lucky enough to photograph her stunning engagement session. Since we've been talking about doing a family session forEVER, I'm so happy that we finally made it happen! Lately, some of my SoCal clients have been meeting me halfway between LA and SLO, which has made for some gorgeous photos. SoCal beaches are bomb, but so, so crowded. Let's face it- spending the day in the Santa Barbara area and meeting up for a photo session in the afternoon is not the worst way to spend a weekend day. In fact, I think it's pretty genius. If you've packed all your clothes and spend the day relaxing, your photos are going to reflect that ease and happiness. The day becomes more about the family and less about the shoot and isn't that the way it should be? Thanks so much Maria & Stephan for choosing me to photograph your memories. Can't wait to do it again this summer!