I seriously can't believe the 90s are back. Honestly, when I lived through those years, they were just so regular.  What could 90s style possibly even be?  In my mind, I couldn't even visualize it. Then, I went to Camille's senior session and I was like, "Whoa! There it is!" Of course, she makes it look SO MUCH BETTER than I ever did in school, but I was totally dying... the chokers, the crushed velvet dress, the denim jacket, the matte mauve lipstick. Apparently, the only things that are not coming back from the 90s are my dance moves. I think that should have been my first warning. Like, if you call them "moves", do NOT... under ANY circumstance, show them to a young, talented dancer. Seriously, I tried to give Camille some posing inspiration for the dancewear segment of her shoot by displaying some of my classic choreography. When I got home, I saw some videos of her dancing and I could have melted into a shame puddle. SO embarrassing. I'm sure she'll forgive me for it. She's just about one of the most beautiful and kind-hearted people I've ever photographed. Congratulations, Camille! Wishing you all the best!