So, the word of the year is they. I get it and I've actually had conversations over the past few years about pronouns. It's just that when you put it up next to some of the other contenders, it just maybe feels a little... blah? Not to argue with the folks at The American Dialect Society, but my vote would have been for yaaass (yass, yaass, yaaass, etc.: expression of excitement, approval or strong agreement). It's the word I use when I'm editing sessions like this because um, YAAASS! I love these guys. They are so, so fun. When you get a text that says, "The kids want to dance," I'm like "Yaaass!" Or when I text, "I found this building I love. Want to shoot there?" and they text back, "We're on our way," it's just so sweet. Evidently, there was some disagreement over it's spelling, but obviously the one with the most letters is correct because when it comes to yaaass, more is just more. Maybe next year... ;)